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Debra Wilson and Les Nip both had very successful careers prior to ACN – Debra spent 22 years in the corporate world making a lot of money for big companies.  Debra spent the last 12 years as an executive for an international company. Responsibilities grew and travel increased. When being dropped off after a long business trip, Debra heard her 8-year-old daughter at that time try to explain to a friend who she was, “Yes, that’s my mom but she doesn’t live with us.  She’s lives in a hotel or an airplane.” Debra made a decision to leave the corporate world to be at home with the family.

Les is an entrepreneur and was a partner in a tech company.  The company grew to be the largest reseller for a software product in Canada.  The business was sold and Les moved on to his next business venture.


There was a severe worldwide economic crisis in 2008.  It did not discriminate. It was time to look for an opportunity.  Timing is everything. Debra ran into an old business colleague at a Mardi Gras party who introduced her to ACN.  The business opportunity made sense even though Deb had no experience in the industries. There was a system in place.  Subsequently, Les joined in the business after witnessing Debra’s success.


Momentum Gold was formed to connect our global network of business partners.  Debra and Les mentor and coach their partners to success. You too can be one of our partners!

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